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Personalized Defense Against Bribery Charges

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Bribery Of Public Servant

To prove the crime of Bribery of a Public Servant, the State Attorney must prove the following four elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

  1. The person bribed was a public servant.
  2. The person charged [gave] [offered] [promised] to the public servant bribed the thing described in the charge in this case.
  3. The bribe was something of value, benefit, or advantage to the public servant bribed not authorized by law.
  4. The [gift] [offer] [promise] was made for the purpose of corruptly influencing the public servant bribed in the performance of some act or omission that
  1. The person charged believed to be [within the official discretion of the public servant bribed] [in violation of a public duty of the public servant bribed] [in performance of a public duty of the public servant bribed].

  2. The public servant bribed represented as being [within his or her official discretion] [in violation of his or her public duty] [in performance of his or her public duty].

“Corruptly” means acting knowingly and dishonestly for a wrongful purpose.

Fla. Stat. § 838.015(1)