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The variables that affect the likelihood of an accident

An accident can happen for many reasons, but it's not always immediately apparent to the people involved in the crash exactly what happened. If you are a victim of injuries suffered in an auto collision that was the result of the reckless or negligent actions of another person, you may need to find out why the accident happened. Identifying the cause of the crash or the factors that played a role in the crash could be important to a future civil claim. 

The aftermath of an accident is confusing, and it can move quickly. One moment you may be driving to the grocery store to pick up some milk, and the next you may feel the impact of a vehicle striking your car. Knowing what to do and what happens next is a daunting prospect, but you do not have to face it alone. You may find it helpful to work with a Florida legal advocate who can investigate your case and figure out what happened

Crash near Tallahassee kills two teens

New teen drivers in Naples need to be given the opportunity to gain experience behind the wheel. At the same time, that need must be weighed against the increased potential they have collectively demonstrated for engaging in reckless driving. Indeed, statistics show that teens are more likely to drive dangerously (such as speeding, driving while intoxicated, or driving at odd hours). Such tendencies cause them to pose a greater risk of causing car accidents. Sadly, those affected by such accidents often experience devastating consequences. 

This fact was on full display in an accident involving two teens that occurred just north of Tallahassee. The two were driving along a state highway when the vehicle veered into the median. While the median, it crashed into a tree, causing an impact do great that the entire vehicle was torn in two. Both the driver and the passenger were killed. Authorities are still trying to determine what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. 

Man must complete court requirements for DUI to be dismissed

If someone has been pulled over under the suspicion that he or she was driving under the influence in Florida, authorities must be accurate and fair in the way they go about gathering their information before any formal charges are filed. If people are charged, they still have the chance to defend their standing in a court of law should they desire. 

For one man who is a senator in Massachusetts, this process will require him to complete a series of requirements in an attempt to have a DUI charge against him, dismissed entirely. The incident began when he was traveling home from a gathering that was work-related where he had consumed alcohol. After another concerned motorist called 911 to report that his vehicle was driving erratically, authorities caught up with him and signaled for him to pull over. After failing multiple field sobriety tests and refusing a breathalyzer test, he was arrested and his license suspended. 

Understanding how your biology can affect intoxication

The fact that the number .08 looms so large when it comes to drunk driving seemingly implies a uniformity when it comes to alcohol intoxication. You might infer from that standard that the way in which you may become intoxicated is the same as every other person in Naples. When people come to us here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. after having been charged with drunk driving, they often think that if their initial breath test was above .08, they have no grounds on which to contest the charges against them. If you share the same concern, you will be happy to know that is not always the case. 

First and foremost, breathalyzer tests have a wide margin for error (as such, the results of roadside breath tests are often not admissible as evidence in court cases). The case against you may often be substantiated with claims made by those responsible for your detainment and arrest, such as "he told me he had three beers a few hours before" or "she claims to have had two mixed drinks prior to driving." Assumptions may then be made from such statements based on opinions derived from general information about intoxication. 

Summer months more dangerous with more teen drivers on road

The summer is a time for vacation and travel, and there is typically an increased number of drivers on the road during these months. With more people on the road any given time, it is no surprise that there are more car accidents during the summer as well. As you know, a few different factors affect the car accident rate.

School is not in session during the summer, and there are more teen drivers on the road. Teen drivers are less experienced and more likely to make errors while behind the wheel. Because of the jump in teenage drivers during the summer, many people refer to the days between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day as the 100 Deadly Days of Summer.

Collision in The Villages kills two teens

Parents in Naples no doubt feel a certain amount of excitement when their children reach the driving age. The prospect of not having to drive them to their different activities may be seen as a welcome relief. Yet at the same time, that relief is likely also accompanied by a sense of trepidation that comes from knowing the dangers that can come with driving. Teen drivers in particular stand at a greater risk of being involved in car accident due to their inexperience behind the wheel. Studies have also shown that said inexperience can make them more likely to engage in unsafe driving practices, the consequences of which can often prove to be deadly. 

A recent crash involving a pair of local teens serves to illustrate this point. The pair were driving along through The Villages when their crashed into a tree. Both were killed in the collision. The driver was a youngster from Yalaha, while the passenger was a football player from the local high school who had just graduated a week earlier. The exact cause of the crash is still under investigation. 

Avoiding drugged driving

You may never even envision a scenario where you would get behind the wheel of a vehicle in Naples after having consumed alcohol. Thus, the concern of having to deal with a criminal charge stemming from driving under the influence may not weigh heavily on your mind. Yet as many of the clients that we here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. can attest to, driving while drunk is not the only way you can come under scrutiny for impaired driving. Drugged driving can also lead to legal troubles. 

You might think the likelihood of you driving under the influence of drugs is just as unlikely as you driving drunk. Yet you should remember that any type of drug can contribute to you becoming impaired. Even the medications you take to treat illnesses and ailments can suppress your awareness to the point of making you dangerous behind the wheel. According to Pharmacy Innoventions, the most common over-the-counter medications that cause drowsiness include: 

  • Benadryl
  • Nyquil
  • Immodium
  • Any medication whose name is followed by the suffix "DM"

How can drivers stay safe when driving near semitrailers?

Truck accidents can cause significant damage. Due to the larger size and heavier weight of these kinds of vehicles, even a low-speed collision can lead to devastating consequences for people in smaller vehicles. You understand the importance of driving safely near these types of vehicles.

There are specific things that you can do to drive safely when sharing Florida roads with large commercial trucks and semitrailers. It's smart to know how to stay as safe as possible, especially when traveling during the busy summer months. While you cannot control the actions of others, it's always beneficial to know what you can do to avoid a collision.

Summer months typically mean more car accidents

When school is out for the summer, people are more likely to pack up the car and hit the road. Starting in late May and lasting through the beginning of September, there are often more people on the road at any given time than during other parts of the year. Naturally, more motorists mean a higher rate of car accidents. Experts call the months following Memorial Day the "100 Deadly Days of Summer."

There are more teen drivers on the road during the summer. School is not in session, and there are many summer activities happening. The combination of young drivers on the road and a busier travel season typically results in an increase in the rate of motor vehicle collisions. Many people believe that distraction is also a factor in the increased rate of accidents during the summer months.

Motor vehicle accidents and travel plans

When people examine the consequences of car crashes, they may look at the physical, emotional and financial toll of these wrecks. To be sure, there are many ways in which victims suffer, whether they are disabled, struggle with negative emotions or cannot pay bills following the accident. However, there are other reasons why car accidents can be so disruptive for victims and their loved ones. For example, people may have to cancel their travel plans because of a difficult car crash, which can be very devastating.

Some people plan trips for months or years, and an unexpected auto collision can derail these plans instantly. People may plan a trip by themselves, or they may have been planning on bringing loved ones with them. Moreover, people travel for many reasons. On top of sightseeing, some travel for work purposes or to attend a wedding, for example. An auto accident can derail these plans and some victims may not have the ability to travel for a long time following the crash.

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