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Road deaths fell slightly in 2023 according to the NHTSA

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Car Accidents

Florida motorists may be interested to learn that car accident fatalities across the country fell by 3.6% to 40,990 in 2023, according to preliminary data released on April 1 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If the figures are confirmed, it would mean that road deaths in the United States have fallen for two consecutive years for the first time since 2019. In 2022, traffic accidents in the United States claimed 42,514 lives.

Reckless behavior

When car accident fatalities rose by 7.3% in 2020 and 10.8% in 2021, road safety experts blamed a surge in reckless behavior like speeding and drunk driving. When a NHTSA official commented about the latest fatalities estimate, she said that distracted driving was partly to blame for a road death toll that is still too high. She also pointed out that about 20% of the people killed in distracted driving accidents are pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Florida fatal accident figures

About 8.3% of the people who were killed on the nation’s roads in 2023 lost their lives in accidents that took place in Florida. Figures from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reveal that 3,409 road users were killed and a further 251,832 suffered injuries in while traveling by road in the Sunshine State in 2023. The road users who lost their lives in deadly crashes included 224 cyclists, 604 motorcyclists and 779 pedestrians.

Avoidable accidents

Some motor vehicle accidents are caused by poor weather or mechanical failures or defects, but most of the road users killed each year die in crashes caused by reckless behavior or some sort of human error. Exceeding the posted speed limit, using mobile electronic devices while behind the wheel and drunk driving are all prohibited. If these laws were enforced more rigorously, many deadly accidents could be prevented.