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Virtually all types of criminal charges can have serious repercussions. However, many people do not realize that their conduct during a traffic stop, arrest, police investigation or trial may result in additional charges and even more severe penalties. For this reason, it is essential to understand your rights and responsibilities in the justice system. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I can help.

Trusted Help For Crimes Against Justice

At The Caldarone Law Group, P.A., I assist people who have been accused of many different crimes against the justice system, including:

  • Resisting arrest by an officer — If you attempt to resist a police officer, particularly if you make any physical contact with the officer, you may face very serious felony charges. Even if you are later released or the arrest was unlawful, it is important to contact a lawyer to fight these serious charges.
  • Escaping police custody — Attempting to avoid lawful confinement by escape or attempted escape can result in serious charges and harsh penalties, including additional jail time.
  • Lying under oath — If you take an oath in a courtroom, you are expected to tell the truth or face charges of perjury.
  • Parole and probation violations — Violating the terms of your parole or probation may result in a return to prison, community service or other penalties to be determined by a judge.

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While you are legally obligated to cooperate with the criminal justice process to an extent, you also have critical rights — such as the right not to testify against yourself, or to be free of illegal search or seizure. During your free initial consultation, I will explain your rights and help you take important steps to protect them while I build your defense.

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