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Representing Victims Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

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I am personal injury attorney Justin P. Caldarone of The Caldarone Law Group, P.A., and I represent victims of car accidents every day. Due to the increasing population and congestion in South Florida, motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, SUVs, ambulances, ATVs and motorcycles are growing more and more common.

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Why You Need To Consult A Lawyer As Soon As Possible

If you or a loved one has been involved in any type of accident involving a motor vehicle, even one that you think may have been your fault, it is important to consult a motor vehicle accident lawyer who can advise you on what to do.

If you wait to consult a lawyer after the accident, you may unintentionally admit liability to the insurance company or law enforcement — even if you were not actually at fault for the accident.

Additionally, in order to persuade an insurance company to pay a fair amount for the losses you suffered as a result of the accident, it is imperative that a thorough investigation is conducted to preserve any evidence, to contact all applicable insurance companies, to gather all medical information and to ensure proper experts are retained as needed.

I Will Aggressively Fight For You

As a respected personal injury attorney, I seek a fair settlement for my clients in every case I handle. I also build every case with an eye toward trial so that when at-fault drivers, and the insurance companies that represent them, do not make fair settlement offers, I can aggressively fight for you in court to get you the just compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional pain and suffering.

Serving Naples, Fort Myers and beyond, I stand ready to help you if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Call for your free case evaluation: 239-244-3242. There are no costs to you unless I recover compensation for you. You can also email my office.