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Having an offense on your criminal record can permanently impact your life. You may be interested in erasing certain offenses from your record or to prevent the public from seeing the offenses. However, these options – expungement and record-sealing, respectively – can be complicated.

If you are interested in moving on with your life after a criminal charge or conviction, I can help you. My name is Justin P. Caldarone; as a criminal law attorney, I work with clients throughout the Naples area to expunge charges or seal records. If you are ready for a fresh start and wish to put your criminal record behind you, contact me at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A.

Record-Sealing Vs. Expungement: What Is The Difference?

Florida offers two methods for cleaning up your criminal record. These are:

  • Expungement: An expungement involves permanently destroying the public record of a certain arrest, charge or conviction. Only certain court officials and law enforcement officers will be able to see the history of your offenses that have been expunged.
  • Record-sealing: Record-sealing is similar in that members of the public cannot see certain criminal offenses on your record. However, the files are not destroyed; they are merely sealed.

The state has many limitations, though. For instance, sex crimes and felony convictions do not qualify for expungement or sealing. If you have an arrest, a charge the court dropped or for which you were acquitted, or a less severe conviction, you may qualify. To determine which of these options, if any, is right for you, reach out to me for assistance.

Take The Future Into Your Hands

Expungement and record-sealing can help you find better housing, increase your job prospects and even obtain loans. I am the lawyer to help you move toward a better future. Reach out to my office to schedule a free initial consultation where we can discuss your options. Call me at 239-244-3242 or send me an email.