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Trusted Help With Expungements And Sealing

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A criminal record can be an enduring detriment in your life. Record sealing and expungements can help you overcome your past history and move on. At The Caldarone Law Group, P.A., I provide representation for criminal record sealing and expungements in Naples, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

Record Sealing And Expungement In Florida

As is true with all criminal law matters, record sealing and expungements are complicated issues often best handled by an experienced defense lawyer. A petition to seal or expunge a criminal history record in Florida must meet a number of requirements:

  • Florida has a limit of one sealing and one expungement per person in a lifetime.
  • Sexual charges and other violent felonies are not eligible.
  • Expungements are only available for charges that were dropped as a result of a motion to suppress evidence, the successful completion of a diversion program or if a not-guilty verdict was ruled.

As a former assistant state attorney with a strong record of results, I have the criminal law experience required to efficiently resolve record sealing and expungement matters. Every client benefits from my commitment to justice.

Protecting Your Rights Today And Tomorrow

Every criminal record sealing and expungement matter is important. It can be a life-changing event to have old records destroyed and gain the ability to honestly say you were never arrested. Criminal record sealing can have a profound effect on job applications and background checks. Nothing gives me more professional satisfaction than empowering you to improve your life.

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The laws governing record sealing and expungement are highly technical, so it is important that you have a thorough understanding of the requirements and your existing record. To learn more and arrange a free initial consultation, please contact me online, or call 239-244-3242 or 866-682-5296 toll free.

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