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Drug Trafficking Charges Require A Vigorous Defense

Florida has its share of drug importation and trafficking crimes. Recently, prescription drug abuse has become a huge problem in Florida. The Caldarone Law Group, P.A., is a legal practice dedicated to quality representation and professional client service to resolve criminal law matters for clients in Naples, Florida, and surrounding areas in Collier County and Lee County.

A Thorough Defense Against Trafficking Charges

An experienced lawyer who is not afraid to aggressively fight for clients’ rights can efficiently resolve drug trafficking matters. If you are under investigation or have been arrested for drug trafficking, contact me, attorney Justin P. Caldarone, by calling 239-244-3242.

An arrest and conviction for drug trafficking can have serious, life-changing implications ranging from minimum mandatory prison sentences to suspensions of your driving privileges. For any drug trafficking charge or arrest, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help protect your freedom and good name.

As a knowledgeable legal advocate, I partner with my clients and review all available police reports to assess their cases. After thoroughly reviewing the facts of a client’s case and all laws associated with the charge, I contact the prosecutor if there is favorable evidence to be presented or legal arguments to be made. Sometimes, this proactive attempt to present favorable information can eliminate charges or reduce existing charges.

A conviction for drug trafficking can result in a lengthy minimum mandatory prison sentence. Let me customize an effective defense strategy to protect your interests during the resolution of your case.

I’m Ready To Protect Your Rights

If you are facing drug trafficking charges in Florida, contact me to schedule a free initial consultation. Call 239-244-3242 or send an email.