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3 ways parents can help after a college student’s spring break arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Spring break is a valuable pause in the class schedule that high school and college students often look forward to with great anticipation. Some young adults even plan special spring break trips, and many of them get a little too wild on their vacations.

Some communities in Florida have begun responding to spring break debauchery by implementing increased parking fees and curfews to deter travelers. However, those hoping to party during spring break can always find new places to visit when major destinations turn them away. They might also visit areas trying to deter spring break travelers and break the law while on vacation.

Hundreds of families every year, if not more, have to cope with the aftermath of the young adults getting arrested during spring break. Parents who take the three steps below may be able to help their college students reduce the impact of a spring break mistake.

Securing legal representation

College students lack the mental development necessary to understand the long-term impact of their actions in many cases. They also lack the income to afford the best support after their arrest. Parents can make a major difference by retaining a lawyer on behalf of their child to handle spring break criminal charges on their behalf. College students with legal representation may have a better chance of securing a favorable outcome.

Communicating the possible consequences

College students often take for granted that they are allowed to make a couple of major mistakes with few consequences. They expect lenient treatment not just from their families but also from the criminal justice system. While helping a student handle criminal charges, it is crucial to impress upon them the potential consequences of their choices. From the criminal penalties possible if they plead guilty to the impact a criminal record could have on their education and career, parents need to ensure that young adults understand what is at risk. That information could help them make better choices in the future.

Supporting them at school, not just in court

A criminal defense attorney can help a college student better handle accusations related to spring break activity. Someone’s lawyer can also provide advocacy during disciplinary hearings at a college or university. In some cases, on-campus discipline may move forward even if a student avoids a criminal conviction. Investing in support during those proceedings can be as important for a young adult’s future opportunities as ensuring they have support in criminal court.

Parents who support their college students while ensuring that they learn from their mistakes can turn a stressful criminal charge into an opportunity for growth. Helping college students overcome their youthful mistakes may lead them toward a brighter future.