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Fatal accidents caused by drunk driving

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Car Accidents

Drunk driving puts many people’s lives at risk in Florida. Those who refrain from drinking before getting behind the wheel must remain mindful of their safety and drive defensively, as they cannot prevent intoxicated drivers from breaking the law and causing a crash. Understanding some basic data about drunk driving could help defensive drivers and add clarity to the reasons for so many DUIs.

Drunk driving statistics

It may not surprise many to learn that repeat offenders contribute to numerous drunk driving statistics. Someone struggling with severe alcohol use disorder problems may continue to drink and drive even after previous arrests and punishments. The addiction issues will not likely legally excuse the person from criminal or civil consequences, but the offender may still continue to drive intoxicated.

Equally unsurprising to many would be how age factors into the mix. Per NHTSA data, 27% of young persons between the ages of 21 and 24 were involved in fatal drunk driving crashes. 21 is the legal age to consume alcohol, which may factor into the problem. Some young drivers might not realize how seriously alcohol affects driving, leading them to take risks. That said, there are people in several other age demographics involved in fatal DUI crashes.

Consequences of drunk driving

When someone drives under the influence, avoiding car accidents becomes challenging because of alcohol’s effects on reactions and perceptions. Despite several near misses, a person prone to drinking and driving may continue such behavior until becoming involved in a disastrous collision. Such an incident may result in criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits.

Accident victims might file insurance claims to recover losses. When a drunk driving incident results in a fatality or a catastrophic injury, the victims may seek punitive damages. Seeking such damages might require filing a lawsuit regardless of an insurance claim.