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DUI leads to fatality in Florida

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Drug Charges

Anyone who drives on Florida roads should concern him or herself with safety. Driving under the influence, however, undermines safe driving and can do so tragically. A recent case in the Sunshine State involved a DUI arrest that included charges of manslaughter and child neglect.

In Polk County, a man died after his van collided head-on with a truck. The person driving the truck was on federal probation. While mentioned in news reports, the probation related to trafficking methamphetamine had no connection to the incident. However, responding officers charged the suspect with DUI property damage and DUI manslaughter. Allegedly, the individual was high on marijuana.

Officers smelled marijuana smoke on the suspect’s person and breath. The police noted that the individual suffered from balance issues and disorientation. To determine if drugs did cause his apparent impairment, the police took a blood sample. A lab report will confirm or deny the presence of drugs in his system.

The crash occurred when the truck crossed a double line. A double center line sets a marker for traffic coming in opposite directions. When a vehicle crosses a double line, the chances for a head-on collision increase dramatically. In this case, such an accident occurred, and someone lost his life.

The suspect also faces charges of child neglect. Reports indicate there was a minor in the vehicle who was not wearing a safety belt. The driver of the truck also appeared not to wear one. The local sheriff noted his concerns over marijuana. He pointed out the dangers associated with using the drug.

DUI charges are serious even when they do not involve fatal crashes and multiple felonies. People could face significant fines and the loss of their license. Even jail time remains a possibility. Seeking qualified criminal defense counsel might help someone faces such charges.