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Should you accept a plea deal for a drug charge in Florida?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Drug Charges

The question of whether you should accept any type of plea deal for a drug charge in Florida is far from simple. In fact, you should probably avoid any general advice on the subject — only a specific review of the details could answer your question adequately.

You should probably exercise a high level of caution when approaching plea deals or any other offers to cooperate with law enforcement. As mentioned on FindLaw, the specifics of your case may allow a stronger defense than accepting a sentence. This is not always the case, but there are several indicators that it could be.

The strongest indication that you may not have to accept a plea deal is if the investigatory team collected the evidence in your case illegally. You have rights, and the violation of those rights could lead to a dismissal of your charges or an acquittal.

It is also rarely the case that police officers or state’s attorneys will present the best deal first. This is especially true if law enforcement or investigation professionals started negotiations. 

Remember that there are conflicting motives in effect. Just as you would probably want to avoid the sanctions associated with your charges by securing a dismissal or acquittal, the state would want to show that its actions were justified by securing a conviction.

You would probably have alternatives in any drug crime situation in Florida. However, law enforcement officials do not have any responsibility to tell you all the options you have. When considering any type of agreement, remember that it is usually wise to fully understand all of your options before you sign away any of your rights.