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How drug charges get dropped

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Drug Charges

At the Caldarone Law Group, P.A., we have seen too many lives nearly ruined due to overzealous enforcers, manufactured charges or excessively harsh sentencing. It is no secret that Florida is tough on drugs, but we believe that there is a definite line between reducing crime and intentionally destroying someone’s future prospects by bending the rules. 

One of the first things we do when one of our clients comes to us with a drug charge is to determine how we might persuade the prosecuting attorney to drop the charges. We often do this by showing the prosecution that it would not win in open court. If we are unable to convince the opposing attorney, there are many potential defense strategies that might result in the court dismissing accusations of drug possession, distribution or manufacturing:

As you might imagine, each defense may be more or less effective from one situation to the next. We perform an in-depth analysis of each case before advising our clients of strategies they might adopt or statements they might make. Study is crucial: What seems like a good idea at first might reveal flaws when examined carefully.

You might have heard of the bizarre case of drug possession here in the Sunshine State: an extreme example of questionable criminal defense strategy. ABC WPLG reported the story: A woman allegedly possessing cocaine made a statement to police blaming the wind for depositing the drugs in her purse. News outlets retold the situation with humor, but the charges facing the woman are serious. Her situation illustrates the fact that every statement you make to police could lead to unexpected consequences. Learn more by visiting our main site.