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Racketeering conspiracy one of many charges against gang members

On Behalf of | May 19, 2017 | Drug Charges

Florida residents who find themselves accused of serious drug crimes can sometimes find it hard to believe they may have a real chance to defend themselves against these types of allegations. This can be especially so if stories about the cases hit the media. These types of reports generally omit many details and those details that are included may well paint a picture that makes it easy for the public to assume people are guilty. When this happens, people need to try and focus on the facts of their case and not the rumor mill that can be created by the media.

Such may well be the case for a group of people who together have been arrested and charged with racketeering conspiracy and 10 other charges. Authorities are indicating that the 11 people who are in custody and the three others who are involved but still at large have been part of a drug gang that is said to have been in existence in the greater Miami-Dade area for 17 years.

The inclusion of racketeering conspiracy as one of the charges may provide prosecutors the ability to seek harsh penalties during sentencing if the defendants are ultimately convicted. Some of those arrested are accused of selling drugs, others of supplying drugs and another of being the physical force person used in different situations.

Whether an arrest is a first or subsequent brush with the law, people might find talking to a lawyer helpful in understanding the process and their options.

Source: Miami Herald, “Feds charge 14 alleged members of violent Miami drug gang,” David J. Neal, May 11, 2017