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What Should I Do If Involved in a Car Accident?

As a Florida driver, you likely know the importance of safe driving. However, even the safest drivers can find themselves involved in an accident, sometimes as a result of encountering a negligent driver. There are certain steps you can take if this happens to you, which can help you both from a safety perspective as well as when filing the subsequent injury claim. State Farm offers the following advice to help you make the right decisions in the aftermath of an accident.

Spotting a drowsy driver

Public awareness on the dangers of drunk driving have helped to deter many from climbing behind the wheel after having been drinking. Yet do people think twice about driving after only have had a couple of hours of sleep? Drowsy drivers can pose just as great a threat to you and other motorists as those who are drunk. Many from Naples and the surrounding areas have come to us here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. after having been involved in accidents with drivers they believe to have been literally asleep at the wheel wondering what sort of legal recourse they may have. 

Man arrested after fleeing fatal accident scene on foot

One might think that most everyone in Naples (even those that have not been involved in car accidents) would know what to do immediately after a collision. After ensuring everyone's safety, those involved should contact local law enforcement authorities (as well as first responders, if they are needed) and then proceed to exchange information. Even the driver responsible for causing the accident is expected to do this. It is understandable that one might not want to have to "face the music" in such a way, yet not doing so could compound whatever problems he or she might already be facing. 

What is the dangerous instrumentality doctrine?

Imagine getting into a car accident in Naples, in which you not only sustain injuries but also extensive damage to your vehicle. You then later find out that the driver had multiple drunk driving arrests on his or her record, and that he or she was driving with a suspended license. Your frustration over the results of your accident is probably then only matched by your confusion as to why someone would allow such an individual to drive a car. That confusion may prompt you to ask whether the person who permitted the driver to operate his or her vehicle can also be held responsible. Is this possible? 

Drivers are more at risk in work zones

Work zones in Florida can be found everywhere, and every driver has to navigate their share of them. Signs alerting motorists to them are often accompanied by groans and sighs as drivers try to come to grips with what is sure to be a delay. What they should be sighing over is the rate of accidents that occur in these zones.

Examining another major cause of distracted driving

Significant resources have been dedicated to raising the awareness of the dangers that result from drunk driving. The same can be said about texting while driving. Yet will an emphasis on stopping such practices ensure your safety from impaired or distracted drivers? Several of the clients that we here at The Calderone Law Group, P.A. have worked with in the past have learned firsthand that there is another subcategory of distracted drivers on Naples' roads that can be equally as dangerous. 

Self-driving cars may not eradicate accidents

Residents in Florida may likely be curious about the numerous reports detailing the advances in and testing of fully self-driving cars happening in various locations around the nation. As The Washington Post notes, some statistics indicate that a whopping 94 percent of all motor vehicle accidents today are influenced by or caused by human error. While it would stand to reason then than autonomous vehicles could eliminate all crashes, that may not necessarily be possible.

The impact of a car accident on the brain

No matter what incident causes the problem, a traumatic brain injury can prove to be a frightening discovery. These injuries commonly arise from car accidents -- where one wrong turn or over correction can result in tragedy. Because each head injury is unique, treatment and recovery can depend on each individual's needs. Floridians going through this difficult time can learn how to best overcome obstacles by learning more about traumatic brain injuries themselves.

Woman avoids criminal charges for alleged drunk driving

When a person in Florida is involved in an accident in which another driver is suspected to have been under the influence of alcohol, it is reasonable to expect that the judicial and law enforcement systems could step in to help. That is likely what some people riding in a van hit by a woman they say was drunk thought should have happened for them but did not.

Distracted driving law may become reality

During the holidays, residents in Florida likely hear a lot of reports about checkpoints being set up to watch for or nab drunk drivers. This makes a lot of sense with so many parties and other celebrations going on at which people generally consume alcoholic beverages and then drive home. Underlying these reports is the known facts that drinking and driving is not only dangerous but deadly.

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