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What are the most common car crash injuries?

Floridian drivers who get into car accidents may have a greater chance of suffering from certain injuries over others. Though it depends on the type of crash, there are some body parts that are more susceptible to harm, and certain injuries that are more likely to occur.

Onto Orthopaedics has a list of five incredibly common injuries related to car crashes. Psychological injuries are among them, and aren't thought of frequently. However, the stress of getting into a crash can certainly cause you to suffer from mental health issues. Stress, anxiety, or depression are common symptoms that people experience after a bad accident.

Pursuing workers' compensation benefits after a denied claim

What happens when your workers' compensation claim comes back denied? As an injured employee, you are counting on that financial support to help you with medical bills and other financial losses, and a denied claim can be devastating. Fortunately, you do not have to accept this as the final word. You may have the option to appeal.

Through an appeal, you may be able to continue to fight for the benefits you need and deserve. One of the most important steps in this process is to understand why the claim did not receive approval and determine how you can address the issue in an appeal.

Prescription drug addiction and abuse

Many situations or conditions may require medical treatment with a prescription drug. If you have been prescribed a medication by a doctor in Florida, you should educate yourself about that drug's side effects. The potential to become addicted to a drug is another thing that is important for you to know about.

Developing an addiction to a prescription medication not only can happen but does happen to many people. In addition to this, the addiction may eventually contribute to a criminal charge. A person attempts to steal money or objects in order to pay for the drugs. Driving under the influence of drugs that may alter your ability to safely operate a vehicle may also put you at risk for a drugged driving arrest.

Driver could face 22 years in prison for fatal DUI accident

As the summer holiday season is in full swing in Florida, it is a known fact that many people on the roads are out driving after they have been drinking. Whether a casual beer at a backyard barbeque or a night of heavy drinking on the town, such acts put innocent people at risk unnecessarily. When drivers make the choice to get behind the wheel of vehicles after consuming alcohol, they need to be prepared for the consequences of their actions.

Sadly, in one case these consequences included the death of a 33-year-old husband and father of three. The accident took place in December of 2015 and a jury in Collier County recently completed deliberations and issued its findings in a trial on the matter. The defendant was found guilty of two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence causing injury, one felony county of DUI with serious bodily injury and one felony charge of DUI manslaughter.

Plan ahead for holiday DUI enforcement

Many Florida residents are actively planning events over the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. With the holiday landing on a Tuesday this year, celebrations may well begin the prior weekend and last for several days. While this is a normal part of the summer, it is also important for people to consider their transportation needs as part of their planning in order to avoid troubles with a potential drunk driving arrest.

The United States Department of Transportation actively promotes its marketing campaigns aimed at curbing drunk driving and even increasing enforcement over key holidays including the Fourth of July. Part of these campaigns involve highlighting the number of people who are said to have died in accidents in which alcohol may have been a factor. Materials are aimed at not only law enforcement agencies but community organizatoins, municipalities and more.

Facts of case in dispute during trial

People who have been charged not only with driving under the influence offenses but also other crimes related to an accident that may have transpired can face complicated trials with potentially extreme consequences. It is important for them to remember that even if chemical tests show that their blood alcohol content wa above the legal limit when an accident occurred that it does not necesarily mean the accident was totally their fault. Such is the case for one 42-year-old man from Golden Gate Estates today.

Prosecutors and defense teams are not currently in agreement about some of the key facts in the matter. For example, some drawings put forward by the prosecution team during the trial show the defendant's vehicle in a lane other than what the defense team suggests is accurate based upon the direction that the vehicle went after coming into contact with the vehicle in front of it. Another point of contention is whether or not the defendant stopped as soon as possible after the accident. Prosecutors allege he did not while defense teams indicate he stopped in the first place that was safe for him to do so.

Drinking and boating creates the perfect storm for an accident

Warmer temperatures mean getting out on the water for many Floridians. Taking the boat out for a day of sunshine, relaxation and time with family and friends could be your idea of paradise. You might even have a few drinks just like many of the other boaters out on the water with you.

Boating creates a unique atmosphere when it comes to drinking. The sun, water and vibrations of the boat, among other things, actually accelerate and enhance the effects of alcohol. In addition, you don't need a license to drive a boat as you do a street vehicle, so many people lack the appropriate experience to safely handle a boat sober, let alone drunk. The combination of these factors creates the perfect storm for an accident.

Man maintains innocence in drunk driving death

After a drunk driving arrest, drivers in Florida may face a myriad of penalties. From fines to potential loss of driving privileges and more, a single impaired driving offense may have long-lasting consequences for people. When such an arrest involves an accident, especially one in which people are seriously injured or killed, the potential penalties become far more severe. This is exactly what one man in Naples is grappling with today after an accident that took place just a couple of weeks before Christmas 2015.

The wreck that happened was reportedly caused or initiated when one vehicle came into contact with a sport utility vehicle. That SUV in turn hit a van that ultimately flipped. The van was carrying a husband and wife. The wife was injured while her husband died in the crash. The driver of the first vehicle that hit the SUV apparently did not stop. A bit after the accident, law enforcement officers are said to have found a man walking along the road. They have since arrested him and charged him with three different felony offenses in connection with the event.

Do Florida police wear body cameras?

If you have ever been stopped by an officer in Florida, you may have noticed that they were wearing a body camera. The use of these cameras by law enforcement officials has been increasing and may be one avenue via which defendants get new insight into their defense options. The video footage captured by a police camera may expose errors in how an officer conducted an investigation or managed an arrest such as when pursuing a potential drunk driving arrest.

According to the Florida Statutes, the state legislature requires that any law enforcement agency that opts to use police body cameras must develop detailed guidelines surrounding the training, use and storage of the equipment as well as the video footage. These guidelines must include details about when and where video footage will be stored and who may view it. Also to be included are parameters around the maintenance and storage of the actual camera equipment.

The damage a DUI can do to your college life

Since middle school, maybe sooner, you have learned about the dangers of drinking and driving. In your driver education classes, you certainly saw films or heard lectures about the consequences of drunk driving and the tragedy of DUI accidents. Maybe your college has even sponsored events to promote responsible drinking.

All those warnings went out of your head at the party. Celebrating the end of the semester with some friends was a great idea, but now you are facing a DUI charge. How will this affect you when summer is over and you are ready to return to college?

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