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Signs of a reckless driver

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Car Accidents

Reckless driving in Florida comes with harsher penalties. If a reckless driver has injured you, then you might be able to seek compensation. Anyone who drives with a disregard for the safety of others and property is engaging in reckless driving.


Drivers must maintain a safe following distance from others on the road. If someone tailgates you, then they may be responsible for reckless driving.


Excessive speeding might count as reckless driving, especially if it’s in the rain or under other hazardous road conditions. Going the speed limit in the rain could qualify as reckless driving because the speed was too fast for the road conditions. The law requires that you slow down when the road is wet.

Impaired driving

Getting behind the wheel while you’re intoxicated is a reckless act. The drugs in your system don’t have to be illegal for it to count as reckless driving. Legal medications have warning labels if you’re not supposed to drive with the drug in your system.

Fatigued driving

Drowsy driving is just as bad as impaired driving. Your response time is significantly lengthened when you haven’t had enough sleep. Car accidents that result from fatigued driving could be reckless driving cases.

Weaving through traffic

Speeding cars that weave through traffic without their turn signals on are engaging in reckless driving. Even if drivers aren’t speeding, they could be responsible for reckless driving for not using their turn signals. It’s also reckless when drivers fail to honor the lane lines while passing other vehicles. They shouldn’t drive on top of the lines or squeeze between other vehicles by driving on the lines.

You may want to be more cautious whenever you notice another driver engaging in reckless driving. This reduces your risk of an accident and helps you receive fair compensation if you get into an accident.