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Reckless driving causes harm

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Blog, Car Accidents

Victims and their families might feel furious at reckless drivers who cause accidents. Such accidents are often avoidable ones, especially when the driver’s deliberate and outrageous behavior leads to the crash. Reckless drivers might avoid consequences for their actions enough time to embolden further dangerous behavior. However, they risk hurting others and facing legal consequences in a Florida courtroom.

Reckless drivers and their dangers

Reckless driving is a somewhat generic term that can refer to a wide range of dangerous behaviors on the road. Generally, reckless driving involves a motorist who doesn’t care about others’ safety. Aggressive and impatient behaviors often go hand-in-hand with reckless driving.

A typical example would be the driver who blows through a recently turned red light. Sometimes, they could make left-hand turns even though the light turned red three seconds earlier and pedestrians entered the intersection.

Speeding might be an even more common example, as people speed in cities and highways. Speeding makes stopping or reacting to avoid an accident difficult, and racing drivers might lose control of their vehicles when road conditions are hazardous.

Drunk driving is another dangerous practice leading to many regrettable fatalities each year. Other ways people drive recklessly include weaving out and out of lanes, tailgating, driving on the shoulder, splitting lanes, and crossing double lines. Drivers who crash into other vehicles after such moving violations might face a significant liability claim.

Reckless driving and civil actions

When someone’s reckless behavior hurts another person or causes property damage, the victim could seek compensation through a civil lawsuit. Car accidents caused by reckless driving may lead to substantial losses

Victims could seek punitive damages when the driver’s behavior was particularly egregious.