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North Port rollover crash kills teen

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2019 | Car Accidents

It may be difficult to realize in the moment, but people put a great deal of trust into the hands of those they agree to travel with as passengers in a vehicle. Some might argue that choice to do so is just that: a choice. They might also say, then, that whatever happens as the result of the driver’s actions, responsibility still lies with the individual for agreeing to get into the vehicle. Yet while one can control the decision to ride in a car, they cannot control the actions of the driver of that car. Thus, there is no implied consent to whatever the driver chooses to do. 

When what the driver chooses to do is act recklessly, the results can be devastating. The community of North Port is currently having to deal with that devastation after a local teen was killed in a rollover crash. The girl was ejected from the SUV after it rolled following the driver’s failure to safely negotiate a turn. Considering the circumstances of the accident, it seems a minor miracle that fewer people were not seriously hurt. Authorities reported that 13 people were traveling in the car, with some even hanging out the window when the accident occurred. Aside from the single fatality, only one other passenger was reported to have sustained serious injuries. 

The driver of the vehicle (herself a teenager) was determined to have been under the influence at the time of the crash and has since been charged with DUI manslaughter. In cases such as this (even with criminal charges pending against the responsibility party), those needing to bring civil action to recover compensation may do so simultaneously. Such action may have a better chance of success if it is supported by an experienced attorney.