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What treatments are available for alcohol addiction?

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2018 | Drunk Driving

If you’ve recently received a drunk driving charge in Naples, your problems may extend beyond just legal matters. In fact, this could be a sign of alcohol addiction, which entails ill-effects ranging from legal to personal. Getting treatment is crucial in this case, and WebMD explains some of the different options you can utilize on the road to recovery.


While medication isn’t intended to stop your addiction, it can make the recovery process easier. Alcohol induces a feeling of euphoria for many people, and medications like Naltrexone remove this feeling, thereby making drinking less enticing. Other types of medicine, such as Disulfiram, actually cause feelings of nausea whenever a person drinks. Medications usually work best when paired with other types of treatments, such as rehab.


If you have a severe problem with alcohol you may need to detox before moving on to the next part of your recovery. People who drink a large amount for a long time can have serious side effects after stopping. This includes things like seizures, which can actually be deadly in some cases. Medically-assisted detox makes for a safer experience, whether it occurs at a rehab center or health care clinic.

Behavior Therapy

For many people with alcohol abuse issues an underlying cause may play a significant role in their behaviors. Therapy can be helpful in this case, as it will help address the root of the issue leading to alcohol addiction. Therapists provide healthier methods for coping with stress while also helping you understand triggers and how they can impact your behavior. Therapy sessions can be one-on-one, or they can include members of your family who are also affected by alcoholism.