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Three Florida routes in top five most dangerous nationwide

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2017 | Car Accidents

Florida residents who feel that their highways and roads are not as safe as they could be may well have just been given some proof to that belief. A study conducted by an independent company, Teletrac Navman, identified two interstates and one state highway as three of the top five most dangerous interstates and highways in the entire United States.

The study reviewed vehicular fatality data from the five years spanning 2011 through 2015. It calculated the number of deaths on a given highway or interstate relative to the length in miles that the road extended. Interstate 4 that runs from Tampa to Dayton Beach topped the list as the country’s deadliest interstate with 1.25 deaths per mile of road. Orlando was the city on that interstate with the greatest number of fatalities overall.

Occupying the number three position with 0.867 fatalities per mile was Highway 192 from Four Corners to Indialantic. Melbourne had .73the highest fatalities rate on Highway 192. In fifth place nationally was Interstate 95 which connects Miami to Massachusetts with 0.73 deaths per mile of interstate. The city with the most number of deaths on that interstate was Jacksonville, Florida.

Clearly Florida has room for improvement when it comes to keeping people safe on its major interstates and highways. People who are involved in accidents or who lose loved ones on these roads may find talking with an attorney a useful way of learning about their options for compensation. 

Source: Palm Beach Post, “Florida interstate named most dangerous in the country according to study,” November 10, 2017