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Man maintains innocence in drunk driving death

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2017 | Drunk Driving

After a drunk driving arrest, drivers in Florida may face a myriad of penalties. From fines to potential loss of driving privileges and more, a single impaired driving offense may have long-lasting consequences for people. When such an arrest involves an accident, especially one in which people are seriously injured or killed, the potential penalties become far more severe. This is exactly what one man in Naples is grappling with today after an accident that took place just a couple of weeks before Christmas 2015.

The wreck that happened was reportedly caused or initiated when one vehicle came into contact with a sport utility vehicle. That SUV in turn hit a van that ultimately flipped. The van was carrying a husband and wife. The wife was injured while her husband died in the crash. The driver of the first vehicle that hit the SUV apparently did not stop. A bit after the accident, law enforcement officers are said to have found a man walking along the road. They have since arrested him and charged him with three different felony offenses in connection with the event.

There are no details provided that explain how or why officers believed the pedestrian was the at-fault driver and the defendant is not admitting any guilt in the matter. He has rejected the offer for a 20-year prison sentence and will instead leave things up to a trial. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

After being charged with a drunk driving crime, people in Florida may want to reach out to an attorney for help with a defense and learning about the laws in these matters.

Source: Naples Daily News, “Trial starts Monday for drunken driver accused of killing Cecil Riner,” Dave Osborn, June 11, 2017