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Facts of case in dispute during trial

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Drunk Driving

People who have been charged not only with driving under the influence offenses but also other crimes related to an accident that may have transpired can face complicated trials with potentially extreme consequences. It is important for them to remember that even if chemical tests show that their blood alcohol content wa above the legal limit when an accident occurred that it does not necessarily mean the accident was totally their fault. Such is the case for one 42-year-old man from Golden Gate Estates today.

Prosecutors and defense teams are not currently in agreement about some of the key facts in the matter. For example, some drawings put forward by the prosecution team during the trial show the defendant’s vehicle in a lane other than what the defense team suggests is accurate based upon the direction that the vehicle went after coming into contact with the vehicle in front of it. Another point of contention is whether or not the defendant stopped as soon as possible after the accident. Prosecutors allege he did not while defense teams indicate he stopped in the first place that was safe for him to do so.

The accident injured three people and killed a fourth. If convicted of all of the charges against him the defendant could spend the rest of his life in prison. He alleges that the accident only happened because a vehicle in front of him cut him off making it impossible to avoid a crash.

During difficult times like this, working with an attorney who can advocate for the defendant may be helpful, especially in the face of potentially incorrect allegations.

Source: Naples Daily News, “‘A car jumped in front of me,’ driver accused of DUI said of fatal Collier crash,” Patrick Riley, June 15, 2017