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Self-driving cars still require human intervention

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2017 | Car Accidents

Whether or not the average Florida resident is ready to share the road with self-driving cars, the reality is that automakers and technology companies are working hard to get these vehicles on the road. In fact, one recent report indicated that the state of California has indicated it will allow self-driving cars without any humans inside on its roads by the end of this year. Currently the autonomous vehicles on roads in California or elsewhere are all accompanied by human drivers able to take over when and where needed.

There is some concern about data showing the lack of readiness for fully autonomous cars to be let loose on the road. In January of this year, Uber’s test vehicles required the human drivers to intervene once every 50 miles in order to avoid a collision that would have resulted in either financial damage of at least $5,000 or injury to another person. Clearly data from test rides is being utilized as that number improved by March to once every 196 miles.

Still that means there is a high rate of potential accidents out there when you consider that in a single week, Uber’s cars alone drover over 20,000 miles. In addition, during those miles, human intervention was required once ever 0.8 miles for things not deemed to be critical but still potentially problematic in some way.

Whether with a self-driving car or a human-driven car, accidents can happen and Florida residents may want to reach out to an attorney afterwards to learn how to seek compensation.

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