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Reasons why elderly drivers pose a risk to your safety

No one can avoid getting older. You can take steps to remain looking and feeling young, but eventually, time will catch up with you even in small ways. For many aging Florida residents, driving could be where age begins to show.

At some point, many elderly drivers' experience behind the wheel no longer helps them remain safe drivers. You may have seen this in an aging parent or grandparent and realized that he or she may present a danger to him- or herself, which outweighs the right to the independence driving allows.

Clues that it may be time to stop driving

How many times have you encountered an elderly driver on the road and wondered how he or she still has a driver's license? More than likely, it was more than once. You may have formed that opinion based on the following driving behaviors that person exhibited:

  • Stopping or braking unexpectedly for no apparent reason
  • Multiple scrapes and dents on the vehicle driven by him or her
  • Driving much slower than the posted speed limit or the flow of traffic
  • Difficulty reacting quickly to obstacles
  • Problems processing multiple sources of stimuli
  • Accelerating abruptly for no apparent reason
  • Confusion while navigating in traffic
  • Missing or ignoring traffic signals and signs
  • Drifting into another lane of travel
  • Making abrupt lane changes
  • Difficulty seeing other vehicles, pedestrians and objects
  • Getting disoriented or lost, even in familiar surroundings
  • Failing to use turn signals
  • Leaving turn signals on and not turning or changing lanes
  • Becoming increasingly anxious while driving
  • Coasting and almost stopping even in traffic

These are just some of the behaviors that indicate an elderly driver may no longer be able to operate a vehicle safely. If you happen to encounter an elderly driver displaying one or more of these behaviors, you may want to steer clear. If you have no choice and can't avoid a collision, you could suffer serious injuries. Your recovery could take a substantial toll on your finances, especially during the time you are unable to work.

As the medical bills start coming in and you face an uncertain future, depending on your medical prognosis, you may want to consider exercising your right to file a personal injury claim against the party believed responsible. A successful claim could provide you with the financial resources you need going forward.

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