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Concealing the record of your drug offense

Any drug charge leveled against you in Naples should be taken seriously. Whether it is something as seemingly simple as possession all the way up to trafficking, you could be facing some serious criminal penalties. Yet beyond that, having a drug conviction (or even an arrest) on your record can haunt you long after you have resolved the criminal liabilities tied to your case. Knowing this, many in your same situation come to us here at The Calderone Law Group, P.A. wondering if they can get such an incident removed from their records. The answer depends on the unique circumstances of your case. 

How drug charges get dropped

At the Caldarone Law Group, P.A., we have seen too many lives nearly ruined due to overzealous enforcers, manufactured charges or excessively harsh sentencing. It is no secret that Florida is tough on drugs, but we believe that there is a definite line between reducing crime and intentionally destroying someone's future prospects by bending the rules. 

Could medical marijuana help alleviate the opioid crisis?

The opioid crisis is hardly a new topic for most of the nation. After all, the epidemic has claimed thousands of lives in recent years. As Floridians continue to grapple with drug abuse and addiction, a new topic has reached the media spotlight: that of medical marijuana. Lawmakers have recently debated whether legal marijuana could help alleviate the opioid issue running current through the United States.

Identifying intent to distribute

Being found to be in possession of an illicit or illegal substance in Naples is a serious offense. Successfully defending yourself against such a charge is possible, yet becomes more difficult if other charges accompany it. Many of those that we here at The Calderone Law Group, P.A. have worked with in the past have been shocked to discover just how many criminal offenses can emerge from what may seem to be a simple case of possession. One that you may find facing you in such a case could be intent to distribute. 

Florida's ongoing changes in marijuana laws

As changes in marijuana laws sweep across the nation, states such as Florida continue to be in a state of limbo. While some areas have legalized both medical and recreational use, others continue to grapple with the system's strict penalties that can come with even one small possession charge. Lawmakers and residents alike have increased their efforts to completely legalize marijuana in the state, thus helping those who face damaging penalties and those who need the drug for medical purposes.

Defending You Against Drug Charges

Everybody makes mistakes, and most people regret them. If you have been charged with drug possession in Florida, you may be facing some scary consequences. At the Caldarone Law Group, we know it can be a frightening experience; we have helped guide many people through the court system, working for the best resolution of their case.

The potential changes of florida's strict drug laws

It is common for minor drug offenses in Florida to escalate quickly, and often unnecessarily. While state drug laws exist for a reason, that reason can become unclear when a small cocaine possession charge turns into months -- and even years -- of repercussions.

Could florida soon legalize recreational marijuana?

Many Floridians can attest to the scares minor drug charges can create. Such incidents can make the smallest offense appear catastrophic, and the penalties can become financially crippling. When it comes to marijuana specifically, an overwhelming number of experts and residents alike have leaned in favor toward recreational legalization.

Can I fight a drug possession charge?

If you are a college student, white- or blue-collar worker or just an average resident of Florida caught with “recreational drugs,” the amount you have is an important consideration. In fact, it can be the difference between a felony or misdemeanor charge of drug possession, as well as the difference in penalties.

Increased enforcement against suspected drug dealers

Residents in Florida may often wonder how a person ends up being identified by or arrested by police for a suspected crime involving drugs. The reality is that there may be many ways this happens including a member of law enforcement witnessing a potential criminal act. In some cases, reports from third parties may provide clues to officers. In yet other situations, law enforcement agencies consciously and proactively go searching for people they believe to be involved in criminal activity. This is precisely what is happening on the streets of West Palm Beach today.

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