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Can I fight a drug possession charge?

If you are a college student, white- or blue-collar worker or just an average resident of Florida caught with “recreational drugs,” the amount you have is an important consideration. In fact, it can be the difference between a felony or misdemeanor charge of drug possession, as well as the difference in penalties.

Increased enforcement against suspected drug dealers

Residents in Florida may often wonder how a person ends up being identified by or arrested by police for a suspected crime involving drugs. The reality is that there may be many ways this happens including a member of law enforcement witnessing a potential criminal act. In some cases, reports from third parties may provide clues to officers. In yet other situations, law enforcement agencies consciously and proactively go searching for people they believe to be involved in criminal activity. This is precisely what is happening on the streets of West Palm Beach today.

The opioid crisis in Florida: is it getting better or worse?

Much talk has surrounded the opioid epidemic in America, especially discussion on the topic of ways to combat the nationwide issue. States such as West Virginia and Ohio have faced this issue to its extreme, as both have some of the highest numbers of deaths per day due to overdoses. Florida is one state that has been in the shadows of media focus on the crisis, but has quietly battled with the problem for years. Earlier this year, news of change involving Governor Rick Scott and his plans to take action circulated--but are those plans feasible, and have they since improved matters in the Sunshine State or largely dismissed them? 

Public call for help, not penalties, for addicts

Florida residents who may either know someone struggling with drug addiction or who may themselves be battling this affliction know that beating it is anything but easy. When people who are uneducated about the realities of drug addiction simply want to throw the book at folks who use or seek illegal drugs or legal drugs in unintended ways, the problems may only get worse.

Alleged drug dealer convicted of murder

For many people in Florida, when they think about the types of criminal charges that someone accused of selling drugs might face, murder may not generally be on the top of the list. Things like distributing illegal or controlled substances, illegal distribution of prescription drugs or even possession of drugs and drug paraphenalia may be more along the lines of the charges they may expect to hear a person is charged with.

Cocaine possession and the price to pay

As a whole, America's attitudes toward certain illegal drugs are recently changing -- especially toward substances such as marijuana. Yet cocaine and other, harder drugs still remain in a negative spotlight. Sometimes, an individual is simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, and is in possession of a hard drug that could result in penalities that remain on their record forever. This stain on a record can inevitably wreck a person's career, prevent them from finding new jobs and can even worsen their overall quality of life. In Florida, there are clear laws that state the varying penalties attached to the possession of cocaine, but penalties can entirely depend on each individual drug arrest. 

Detailing Florida's pretrial intervention program

A drug conviction can hang over you like a stigma, affecting your reputation, your relationships and even possibly your career. Many of the clients in Naples that we here at The Calderone Law Group PA have represented have come to us looking for solutions to avoid having such an association haunt their lives and, if possible, avoid the crminal penalties that can come with a drug charge. If you are looking for similar assistance, you will be pleased to hear that Florida does indeed offer diversion programs that allow you to get past a drug arrest. 

Prescription drug addiction and abuse

Many situations or conditions may require medical treatment with a prescription drug. If you have been prescribed a medication by a doctor in Florida, you should educate yourself about that drug's side effects. The potential to become addicted to a drug is another thing that is important for you to know about.

Racketeering conspiracy one of many charges against gang members

Florida residents who find themselves accused of serious drug crimes can sometimes find it hard to believe they may have a real chance to defend themselves against these types of allegations. This can be especially so if stories about the cases hit the media. These types of reports generally omit many details and those details that are included may well paint a picture that makes it easy for the public to assume people are guilty. When this happens, people need to try and focus on the facts of their case and not the rumor mill that can be created by the media.

Man accused of PCP crimes near school, library

New Jersey residents who have been arrested for multiple crimes can sometimes start to lose hope that they may be able to defend themselves against any charge levied against them. In some cases, this may even contribute to a negative spiral for some defendants. At this time, remembering that every person is legally considered innocent until proven guilty and that every defendant is owed a defense is highly important.

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