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4 common ways people violate probation in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense

A sentence of probation often means frustrating limitations on someone’s life, but the alternative is often a total loss of freedom. Therefore, people sentenced to probation usually want to fulfill the requirements imposed by the Florida criminal courts and then move on with their lives as quickly as possible.

Sadly, it is common for those on probation to accidentally make mistakes that affect their rights. Even if those on probation avoid doing something obviously risky, like breaking the law again, small mistakes could end up leading to incarceration and other challenges. These are some of the most common ways that adults in Florida unintentionally violate their probation.

They miss a meeting

Randomized drug testing and meetings with a probation officer are common requirements of probation, and probation officers often want to be able to meet with someone with very little notice either to verify that they have remained nearby as they should or to confirm their ongoing sobriety. When someone misses meetings with their probation officer and is unable to provide documentation of a reasonable explanation for why, they could very well end up back in criminal court and accused of violating the terms of their probation.

They go to a bar or party

Restrictions on the consumption of alcohol and a total prohibition on the abuse of drugs are common expectations for those on probation. However, it is often someone’s first instinct after avoiding incarceration to want to go out and celebrate with others. If they get caught while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or are at a venue when police officers arrive for one reason or another, they may end up arrested and possibly accused of a probation violation.

They socialize with the wrong people

Having rules against socializing with those who have certain criminal records or pending criminal charges is also common during Florida probation. Even if someone foregoes parties and venues that serve alcohol, having the wrong people to visit at their home or visiting the wrong home could be enough for them to end up accused of violating their probation.

Failing to secure housing or employment

Those on probation typically need to have a stable living arrangement and also gainful employment. Those that are unable to secure or retain living accommodations or a job may find themselves at risk of violating their probation.

As a secondary note, it is also common for people to end up accused of probation violations when they do not pay restitution and fines as ordered by the courts. Failing to get a job could increase the likelihood of someone being unable to meet those court-ordered financial obligations. Learning about some of the most common probation violations may help adults in Florida avoid making those same mistakes themselves.