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Getting a job with a criminal record

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2017 | Drunk Driving

Looking for a new job can be a challenge under the best of circumstances but for Florida residents who have criminal records, the search for employment can prove even more difficult. Whether a drunk driving conviction during one’s college days or a prison sentence for embezzlement, these things can follow a person around for years. But, it is possible to move beyond them and re-establish oneself in a job and career. indicates that when seeing criminal backgrounds on applications, many employers may evaluate the situation to see if there is any correlation between the type of criminal activity and the job being applied for. For example, a person applying for a job as a delivery driver might have a harder time being hired if the criminal record is for drunk driving than if the criminal record was for something unrelated to driving. That same drunk driving conviction might be less important if the person was seeking a job as a customer service agent.

When setting out to look for a job, people with criminal pasts should take full advantage of their networks. Asking friends or co-workers for references mayhelp to overcome some concerns about character. The same is true of proactively providing employers with referral letters.

It may be appropriate for applicants to disclose their criminal pasts to potential employers but people should be careful in choosing when to do this. Waiting until after an interview has been held but before a criminal background check has been run can be a good time.