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Prison for underage drunk driver that killed young boy

Most Florida residents have heard the horror stories of drunk driving accidents that take the lives of innocent people leaving friends and families to grieve the loss of their loved ones. These unnecessary and completely avoidable accidents sadly continue to happen despite public awareness that driving after drinking is indeed dangerous - and even deadly.

Florida's truck accident fatalities jump in 2015

If you have ever been driving alongside a tractor trailer or other large commercial vehicle, you know the feeling you get when all of a sudden you realize just how much bigger and heavier these vehicles are than your normal passenger vehicle. Even a pickup truck or SUV can be no match for a semi truck in an accident. The size and weight differentials are just some of the reasons that crashes involving commercial trucks can be so dangerous and even deadly.

Florida car accident facts

Whether Florida is the place you call home, or, you simply love to visit from time to time, chances are that while you're here, you likely travel by motor vehicle. Sometimes, you may be the person driving. On other occasions, you might ride as a passenger in someone's car or truck.

Distracted driving laws in Florida

As the holiday season gets into full swing, Florida residents no doubt will hear about efforts to encourage people to have designated drivers when attending holiday celebrations. The dangers of drunk driving are well documented indeed but drinking and driving is not the only risky behavior that people should be aware of on the road. Distracted driving is quickly becoming a top concern in Florida and around the nation.

Three tow truck drivers killed in Tampa Bay region in 2016

Many people know that working in industries like construction or manufacturing can put Florida residents in danger of being injured while on the job. Recent events in Florida make it clear that being a tow truck driver is another very dangerous occupation as well.

How many people die in DUI accidents in Florida?

As the holiday season kicks off, many law enforcement agencies in Florida and other public awareness groups often launch campaigns to encourage more people not to drink and then drive. The reason for this is simple. Drunk driving is dangerous. If you have ever wondered how many people die in drunk driving crashes, you are not alone.

How kids and parents can stay safe while trick-or-treating

There is no question that teachers across Florida have probably found their work a lot more difficult this week -- especially today -- owing to the looming presence of Halloween night. Indeed, children of all ages have likely been caught daydreaming about their costumes, their trick-or-treating cohorts and, of course their candy.

Fighting For Your Rights So You Can Focus On Your Recovery

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