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Do Florida police wear body cameras?

If you have ever been stopped by an officer in Florida, you may have noticed that they were wearing a body camera. The use of these cameras by law enforcement officials has been increasing and may be one avenue via which defendants get new insight into their defense options. The video footage captured by a police camera may expose errors in how an officer conducted an investigation or managed an arrest such as when pursuing a potential drunk driving arrest.

Understanding ignition interlock devices

One of the many things that you might be concerned with in the event that you are ever charged with a drunk driving offense is losing your driving privileges for some period of time. Depending upon the nature of your situation, this may happen but the use of an ignition interlock device may make it possible for you to start driving again sooner than you could if you did not use an IID. Understanding how an ignition interlock device works is important for you in this situation.

The walk-and-turn field sobriety test

Has your spouse, friend or neighbor been arrested for and charged with drunken driving in Florida? Or, have you yourself been charged with an impaired driving offense? In either case, you will likely be wanting to learn about how to defend against these charges either for yourself or in support of someone else. One element to a drunk driving defense may involve inaccurate test results during the arrest process. This may include the field sobriety tests that are used.

Medical emergency results in DUI arrest

Many things might lead someone in Florida to be arrested and charged with drunk driving or drugged driving. No two situations are generally the same and some may not even be initiated by an actual traffic stop. An example of this can be seen in a recent case involving a man from Cape Coral.

Did your teen ignore your warnings about drunk driving?

Did you receive a phone call saying that the police took your teen into custody for drunk driving? The mix of emotions when you got that call probably ranged from anger because your teen failed to heed your warnings about the dangers of drunk driving and relief that he or she survived the experience - hopefully without suffering any injuries or hurting anyone else.

The horizontal gaze nystagmus test

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Florida, you will want to be sure and educate yourself about the process so you can make appropriate decisions for your defense. One of the things you may want to learn about is the accuracy of the tests used in your arrest process. This includes not just any chemical test you may have taken but the field sobriety tests that you may have been asked to participate in as well.

What is the one-legged stand FSB?

Have you been charged with an impaired driving offense in Florida? Perhaps you know someone who is facing this type of criminal charge. In making decisions about how to approach a defense, it is important to understand the different elements that went into the arrest. One of these may well be field sobriety tests. 

Getting a job with a criminal record

Looking for a new job can be a challenge under the best of circumstances but for Florida residents who have criminal records, the search for employment can prove even more difficult. Whether a drunk driving conviction during one's college days or a prison sentence for embezzlement, these things can follow a person around for years. But, it is possible to move beyond them and re-establish oneself in a job and career.

What are penalties for second and third DUIs in Florida?

If you have been in Florida for any length of time, you have likely heard that the state's consequences for driving while under the influence can be very harsh. This can be even more true if you are convicted of a DUI for the second or third time. Just what can you expect if you are in this situation?

What are the penalties for a first DUI in Florida?

Everyone in Florida knows that the state can crack down hard on drivers arrested for alleged impaired driving. This is true despite the fact that having a casual beverage or two in social situations and then driving home is a common activity for many people and is socially accepted. Nonetheless, it is important for drivers to know what penalties they may face if ever convicted of driving while under the influence in Florida.

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