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Healthcare provider liability in medicated driving accidents

The first thought that most may have when hearing that someone caused an accident in Naples due to driving under the influence of drugs is how could a person be so irresponsible. Yet what if said person was ignorant to the effects of driving while medicated. One who has been prescribed a medication by a doctor likely assumes the drug to not only be completely safe to use, but also to have no debilitating side effects. 

What is an ignition interlock device?

Oftentimes, the return of your driving privileges after having been convicted of driving under the influence in Naples comes with certain conditions. One of those may be to have your vehicle outfitted with an ignition interlock device. The court may often view such a device as an added measure to ensure that you do no find yourself in the position where you may drive while drunk again. 

Alcohol's impact on the brain

Most in Naples would claim to know the limitations of their own bodies better than anyone. Thus, they may believe that they are the ones who should be trusted as to their fitness to perform tasks (such as driving). This may lead to assumptions by some that they are able to "hold" alcohol better than others, or that alcohol effects them differently. Unfortunately, research has shown that alcohol tends to be no respecter of persons (or their assumed physical abilities). 

How to prevent drunk driving on New Year’s Eve

In just a few days people all over Florida will be heralding the arrival of the new year. While celebrating with friends and family is surely fun, when celebrations involve alcohol there is an increased risk of driving while drunk. That’s why it’s crucial that all motorists have the right information to keep themselves and others safe.

What are the consequences of driving under the influence?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Florida, you may be facing an uncertain future as you await the news about what your consequences will be. Vowing now to change your life and to never drive drunk again is imperative to your ability to rebuild damaged relationships, rebuild trust and give yourself a winning shot at being able to live a productive and happy life in your future. 

The ABC's of BAC measurements

You know that no two people in Naples are alike. How, then, is a breathalyzer device able to come up with an accurate reading for different individuals? This is the question that many clients bring to us here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A., and it is this question that serves as the basis for many defenses against drunk driving charges. While breathalyzer technology is advanced, that does that not mean it is infallible. Understanding how a breathalyzer device comes up with a BAC reading can help you understand how such a reading may be challenged. 

What treatments are available for alcohol addiction?

If you’ve recently received a drunk driving charge in Naples, your problems may extend beyond just legal matters. In fact, this could be a sign of alcohol addiction, which entails ill-effects ranging from legal to personal. Getting treatment is crucial in this case, and WebMD explains some of the different options you can utilize on the road to recovery.

Is a "breathalyzer" really a breathalyzer?

Were someone to ask you what a breathalyzer was, you would likely immediately assume it to be the hand-held devices that law enforcement officials use to conduct breath tests on the side of the road. This assumption contributes to the confusion on the issue of whether or not you are in your rights to refuse a breath test. In reality, an actual breathalyzer is the machine used to conduct a chemical assessment of the alcohol content of your breath. These are typically found in police stations. What, then, it the device that an officer may ask you to blow into when you are pulled over? 

Examining the exceptions to the .08 BAC limit

Most in Naples likely associate one number with drunk driving: .08. That is the blood-alcohol concentration limit at which a driver is considered to be legally impaired. Exactly how much alcohol must one consume to reach that point? Due to differences in body composition and metabolism rates, it is impossible to come up with a standard. For some, it may take a couple of drinks; for others, only a few ounces. Yet trying to understand how much one can drink before he or she cannot legally drive may end up being flawed logic as the application of the .08 standard is not universal. 

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