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What is Xanax abuse?

Xanax is often prescribed for problems with anxiety. Despite its medicinal benefits, Xanax can be dangerous when it's misused, as the medication is highly addictive even when taken correctly. explains what Xanax abuse looks like and how it affects both the body and mind. 

What should I know about opioid addiction?

Opioids like heroin, codeine, and oxycodone all have a very high potential for abuse. The effects of these drugs have both short and long-term consequences, in addition to possible legal issues associated with using illegal substances. Healthline explains the impact of opioids on a person's health, as well as what you should look for if you believe a loved one is addicted. 

Should you accept a plea deal for a drug charge in Florida?

The question of whether you should accept any type of plea deal for a drug charge in Florida is far from simple. In fact, you should probably avoid any general advice on the subject — only a specific review of the details could answer your question adequately.

Florida's evolving approach to drug sentences

Residents in Florida and around the country have experienced a variety of approaches to dealing with crimes involving drugs over the past few decades. Some politicians, legislators, advocacy groups and more have pushed for a harsher approach to people convicted of drug crimes. This often involved strict jail or prison sentences that may not always truly reflect the severity of an actual offense.

Detailing Collier County's Drug Court

A conviction for a drug offense can seriously hinder your future, limiting your opportunities to secure housing or even work in certain fields in Naples. Thus, if the opportunity exists for you to mitigate the impact of such a conviction, you may want to seriously consider it. Many come to us here at here at The Caldarone Law Group, P.A. asking if such opportunities do indeed exist, and are often pleased to learn that Collier County offers its own equivalent of a drug diversion program. To complete such a program may require a strict commitment on your part, but the benefits it offers may ultimately be worth it. 

Was your doctor authorized to prescribe your medications?

The rise of prescription drug abuse in Naples (and throughout the rest of the U.S.) also introduced a new term to criminal justice lexicon: "pill mills." Pill mills are clinics where practitioners prescribe higher numbers of narcotic medications than those would expect from a standard practice of the same medical specialty. You trust your doctors implicitly, and thus likely assume that they have the authority to prescribe you the medications they suggest. Knowing for sure may help you know whether or not the prescriptions you have were prescribed lawfully. 

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