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How can parents talk to college students about drinking on break?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Criminal Defense

School breaks for college students can be just as exciting as breaks for younger students, but there’s often more risk involved. College students may develop a taste for adult socialization, including alcohol consumption, at the parties they enjoy on campus.

They might then find themselves getting into real trouble when they come back home on break, traveling over break or staying on campus when class is not in session. Parents often worry about how alcohol consumption during spring break, summer vacation and mid-winter break could affect their child’s education and their future prospects.

How can parents explain the dangers of drinking on school breaks to students?

Talk about the personal risks

Young adults who have just started consuming alcohol and social settings often don’t make the safest and smartest choices. Instead, they may drink too much given their weight and metabolism or might try driving home because they don’t realize how hard it is to gauge their level of impairment.

Parents may need to highlight exactly how many young adults die because they make poor choices while away at college and experimenting with alcohol. An average of 1,519 college students will die annually as a result of alcohol consumption. Some will die in crashes, while others may die of poisoning or other preventable accidents.  Countless others end up hurt or arrested.

Drunk driving charges and infractions involving alcohol possession as a minor or providing alcohol to minors could all have a chilling effect on someone’s education. Frequently, institutions of higher education have codes of conduct that they impose on students. Criminal convictions while enrolled at the school, even if the offense does not occur on campus, can trigger disciplinary action.

Not only can some students lose their enrollment in college, but many others might find their financial aid at risk after an arrest related to drinking too much on a school break. If college students who want to return when school is in session understand the risk involved, they might make better choices under the guidance of their parents.

Some parents may even want to offer their college students options or advice to avoid possibly life-threatening or criminal mistakes, like driving home from a party after drinking. Understanding that alcohol is a risk during break as much as it is during the school year could help parents and college students alike reduce the risk of incurring alcohol-related criminal charges.