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Drunk driving during the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Blog, Drunk Driving

The holidays bring many people together at festive events. Traveling to the location requires many to drive on Florida roads, which could be dangerous. Accidents may happen for several reasons, and drivers should be aware of the dangers to avoid any collisions. However, they cannot control whether another driver takes to the wheel intoxicated.

Holidays and intoxicated driving

Drunk driving accidents remain a persistent problem during the year, but accidents could increase between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Many gatherings involve people using alcohol. Whether they drink at someone’s home, office party or engage in a pub crawl, such persons should not drive. Even someone whose blood alcohol concentration is below the legal limit might be too impaired to operate a vehicle safely. Still, many people drive intoxicated.

Making plans for someone to serve as a designated driver could be wise. Calling a cab or a rideshare may save lives if there’s no designated driver. Yet, some might feel they are fine to drive only to become involved in a collision.

Drunk driving dangers

Someone might not think they are too intoxicated to drive, but their perceptions and reactions might suffer significantly. Any resulting accidents could leave the victims suffering from severe or fatal injuries. Even if an accident doesn’t occur, the driver may face arrest on drunk driving charges. A conviction might result in jail time and heavy fines.

Persons arrested for drunk driving could challenge the traffic stop or point to flaws in the Breathalyzer or lab test results. Problems with evidence might undermine any case against the accused. In other situations, those who do face credible charges may seek to receive the least punitive sentence possible.