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What to know about emotional distress

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

If you are involved in a car accident while traveling in Florida, you may experience both physical and mental health problems. Depending on the facts in your case, it may be possible to obtain compensation for emotional distress. This may help to pay for mental health treatment or other costs incurred in an effort to overcome the trauma of a motor vehicle wreck.

Signs of emotional distress

Common signs of emotional distress include having nightmares about the accident, having difficulty driving past the scene of an accident or having difficulty getting into a car. You may also have trouble breathing or feel tightness in your chest at the mere mention of a car or the prospect of having to drive. Additional signs of stress include nausea, trouble concentrating or abrupt changes in your mood.

Even minor crashes can cause issues

It’s fairly common for individuals to be in a state of shock after a crash, regardless of how minor or severe it is. The shock occurs because the accident happened without warning and can create loud noises, flying debris and anxiety, resulting in a sensory overload. In addition, if the other driver is angry or threatens to harm you, it could result in additional trauma that might be difficult to overcome.

You won’t obtain compensation without evidence

To obtain compensation in a car accident case, you must be able to show that another party acted in a negligent manner. This may be done by introducing witness statements, driver statements or statements made by police officers at the scene of the crash. You may also use video footage or photographs taken at the location of the accident to prove that the defendant acted in a negligent manner.

If you experience emotional trauma in an accident, it may be worthwhile to seek damages in a settlement or lawsuit. In addition, you may also receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages or other losses incurred as a result of a defendant’s reckless behavior.