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Common charges in federal drug cases

Federal drug charges are filed commonly in Florida due to the state’s international proximity and position as a distribution point for contraband smuggled into the country. And while most drug charges in Florida are filed on the state level, there are serious drug cases requiring investigation on both government levels that result in federal charges when certain conditions and evidence exist.

RICO laws

Unlawful drug distribution requires coordination and product delivery even when the activity does not cross state lines. Not only can the federal authorities become involved with major supplies of certain drugs due to interstate activity, they can also file racketeering charges against the conspirators within the state in addition to other drug charges.

Continual criminal enterprise

Many drug ring operators operate for many years from the same location that serves as a hub of criminal activity. This situation can substantiate additional charges for maintaining a criminal enterprise when it can be introduced as material evidence in another component of a drug case. This includes any premises used to manufacture drugs as well as distribute.

Fraudulent attempts to obtain controlled substances

Also known as “doctor shopping” in many courts, this commonly happens when someone misrepresents a physical problem or travels across state lines to find a doctor who will write certain prescription. This law was established due to many cases of people coming to Florida looking for doctors who were willing to provide prescriptions for narcotics, and it is still commonly used today. This can a federal charge as well as a state charge.

Additionally, not only does the state of Florida have laws pertaining to drug operations located near elementary and secondary schools, but there are federal laws on the books as well. However, federal authorities regularly let certain cases be adjudicated at the state level.