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Distracted driving can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Blog, Car Accidents

Anything that takes someone’s attention from the task at hand creates the potential for a mistake. When driving a car, diverted attention and subsequent errors could cost someone their life. Not stopping at an intersection and going through a stop sign may result in hitting a pedestrian. And that is one example of how distracted driving could play out on Florida roads.

Distracted driving creates dangers

Distracted driving takes three primary forms: cognitive, visual and manual. Accidents can happen when someone’s not looking at the road, their hards are occupied or their mind is elsewhere. Such accidents might be far worse than minor ones causing mere body damage to a vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that around 424,000 people suffered injuries in 2019 due to distracted driving. Tragically, more than 3,100 died in distracted driving collisions. Twenty percent of all distracted driving involved people on their bikes or pedestrians getting hit by vehicles.

Although someone might not think it is dangerous to eat and drink while driving or rubberneck and stopped vehicles, the figures reflected accident and fatality stats tell a different story. The story may continue in a civil courtroom.

Liability claims after a distracted driving accident

Anyone whose negligence leads to car accidents may end up served with a lawsuit. Someone who does not pay attention while driving and somehow veers into oncoming traffic could be liable for any harm inflicted on others. In a head-on collision, the resulting injuries might be fatal to drivers and passengers. Afterward, the negligent party might face substantial claims for compensation.

Not all collisions involving distracted driving lead to fatalities, but victims may experience financial losses from property damage or minor injuries. These persons could sue for compensation as well.