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Preventing road distractions

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Blog, Distraced Driving

Imagine eight people dying each day because of distractions on the public roads. This stunning reality of motor vehicle accidents is also alive in Florida. What drivers have to understand is that distractions come from what’s also being called normal. Tell the writer what it’s like to spend a single day without your mobile phone. Residents who want to prevent road distractions have to put technology on their personal weighing scale. There’s ample reason to reduce using it.

What are your eyes seeing?

The courtroom looks at road distractions in terms of your competency. You’re to blame anytime your eyes choose another task other than driving. Motor vehicle accidents do happen in intervals of less than a second. One glimpse in the wrong direction can distract you from what is in front of you. Some voice technologies are impressive, but they still call for you to watch a mounted device if not the dash mount itself. Preserve your eyes for the road.

Where are your hands?

Nine to three are the common hand positions to make on a steering wheel. You might prefer a different hold, and you have this right as long as your hands remain there. Plan out your trips before hitting the road. If you’re engaged in something that requires free hands, consider finishing that task first. Dialing a phone while driving requires so much skill that drivers rarely do it successfully. Phone distractions are a leading cause of modern incidents on the road.

How mindful are you?

Studies are impressing attorneys nationally as they reveal the impact of mindfulness behind the wheel. Just don’t take this concept too metaphorically. Any task you do can be done with your full focus or while you secretly think of other things.

Motor vehicle accidents in Florida

Even a casual conversation reduces your attentiveness. The studies show it. Even while biking, research shows that phones reduce a person’s ability to sustain full response times and alertness. Prevent these risks by preparing for your drive and focusing solely on the road.