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Truck accidents take time to settle

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2022 | Truck Accidents

An unforeseen and unexpected incident on the road could lead to life-changing injuries. Such occurrences might be more likely when a large truck crashes into a smaller vehicle. Persons hurt in a truck accident in Florida could suffer tremendous financial losses due to medical bills and lost wages. Settling the case might take more time than anticipated for several reasons.

Closing a truck accident claim takes time

A truck’s size and mass could inflict significant damage on another vehicle, especially if the truck is traveling at high speeds. Besides property damage, the crash might cause multiple injuries. The medical records from the victims, possibly several injured persons, could be complicated, adding time to the resolution process.

Truck crashes may involve more than one vehicle, and even pedestrians and bicyclists could get hurt in a multivehicle truck collision. An investigation might delve into evidence and statements provided by all party’s hurt or otherwise suffer losses in the collision. Third-party evidence, such as camera footage or eyewitness accounts may add more time and effort to the investigation.

The insurance company’s role

A civil lawsuit may not be the preferred way a victim wishes to resolve a truck collision. Like many motor vehicle accidents, persons injured by a truck driver or trucking company’s negligence may file an insurance claim. Unfortunately, an insurance company could make a low or otherwise unreasonable offer. So, negotiations might extend the time required to reach a settlement.

Insurance limits might not cover all the victims’ losses, so suing beyond the policy amounts may be an option worth pursuing. Filing such a lawsuit could be worthwhile when the defendant has sufficient assets. However, the path to reaching a civil settlement or judgment requires time.