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Naples, Florida

Florida man charged with bribery

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Blog, Criminal Defense

Residents of Naples and other nearby areas of Florida may want to learn more about the Tampa-area man who is being charged with bribery. The case involves bid tampering in Temple Terrace and involves the Temple Terrace Community Development director. The charge regards two felonies for allegedly taking a bribe.

According to news reports, allegations revealed that the man took a bribe for a city contract. This was in relation to the renovation of the family recreation center; an investigation of six months led to the charges and arrest. An anonymous letter mentioned the hiring of an unlicensed contractor for the conversion of a racquetball court into a pickleball court.

The charges

One of the charges is one count of unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior. The other charge is one count of official misconduct by the falsification of records.

Information given on estimated price range

An unlicensed contractor, a friend, had information on the estimated price that was under consideration by the city. The contractor used this information to bid under the estimate cost that was the goal. This ensured that his company came up with the winning bid.

Walks away from a meeting

The accusation led to the walking away from a meeting by the city manager, after the reading of the letter. He later accused the council of a violation by announcing the contents of the letter at a public meeting.

One company listed, another paid

While one company had listing as the construction company for the job, another construction company received payment. The cost of the contract was below $25,000.

Policies in place

There are policies in place to prevent this type of crime. The case is still open, and more arrests may be forthcoming, resulting in a need for a criminal defense strategy

Bribery of government officials may be the crime if work goes to friends or relatives through inside information. Even a city official may be accountable.