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What are the signs of a distracted driver?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Car Accidents

It only takes a moment of distraction to cause an accident with lifelong consequences. When the outcome of a reckless or negligent driver can be so disastrous, there is very little other drivers can do to defend themselves in the few moments of an accident.

One of the greatest defenses of any driver is being able to spot distracted drivers before an accident happens. Being able to spot the signs of distraction can save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses, so here are three common signs you can look out for:

Irregular speeds

Someone driving slowly may not be doing so out of caution. If a driver is not paying attention to their driving, they may not be looking at how they are doing. This lack of attention can result in a driver driving wildly above or below the speed limit.

Drifting or swerving

Similar to poor speeds, another driving mistake that comes from distractions is reduced ability to stay in their own lane. A driver who has distracted themselves may have trouble staying in their own lane. These distractions can cause them to drift into neighboring lanes entirely or start taking up two lanes at the same time.

Not looking forward

Outside of minor matters, such as looking at rear-view mirrors, a driver should always be looking forward at the road ahead. If a driver is looking down at their lap or down to the side, there is a very good chance that they are looking at their cell phone. It is easier to notice this at night, because their cell phone will likely illuminate their face.

What should you do around these drivers?

If you suspect that you are driving by a distracted driver, avoid trying to alert them to correct their behavior. Honking your horn or speeding past them may startle the distracted driver, and cause them to get into an accident. Allow the driver to gain distance ahead of you so you can keep an eye on them and avoid any accidents they may cause. By keeping a watchful eye out while driving, you can protect yourself and your passengers from distracted drivers.