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Is “Zoom brain” causing more traffic deaths?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2021 | Distraced Driving

Florida residents are like other people in America who find it possible and necessary to adapt their lives to online functions. One example is the videoconferencing capabilities that allow workers and business owners to participate in meetings without ever leaving their homes. But some experts fear that the hours some drivers spend in virtual meetings are a factor in the rising numbers of motor vehicle accidents leading to fatalities.

Brain fog

One former head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains that online meetings and computer use, in general, can overload the mind. He says drivers may be less aware when getting behind the wheel of their cars and that their brains may be working on autopilot.

A study completed by Root Insurance included survey questions regarding the mental state of drivers following videoconferencing sessions. More than half of the 1,819 drivers responding to the questions report concentration problems following a videoconference.

The study also showed that younger drivers self-reported a lack of focus more often than older drivers. Sixty-five percent of generation Z members reported concentration problems following zoom conferencing. This number was 61% and 48% for millennials and generation x members, respectively.

Accident statistics

Data from the National Safety Council shows up to 42,060 people lost their lives to a motor vehicle accident in 2020. This 24% increase in deaths per miles driven represents the highest one-year increase in nearly 100 years. And while there is no way to blame this increase on a single factor, the distractions that come with increased reliance on technology are part of the problem.

Other distractions

The Root study also asked drivers about their texting and driving habits. Fifty-three percent of survey respondents say they check their phones for texts and messages within 15 minutes of starting their cars.

Everyone traveling in a car will face some risk of becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident. Drivers and passengers who experience the misfortune of an accident will need to take the proper steps to secure the compensation they deserve. Accident victims may benefit from involving a lawyer as early in the claims process as possible.