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Pedestrian accidents are increasing in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Car Accidents

New advancements in car safety features have made car accidents in the United States less deadly. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents seem to be as high as ever. In particular, the state of Florida has one of the highest rates in the entire country.

What are the statistics for pedestrian accidents?

While motor vehicle accidents have been slowly decreasing, the number of pedestrian accidents is on the rise. A recent study revealed that 368 Florida residents died in pedestrian accidents during the first half in 2019–a small increase over 2018. Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia and California make up nearly half of all the pedestrian deaths in the United States.

Studies have shown that the increase in nighttime fatalities has skyrocketed nearly 70% in the past decade, showing that roads are particularly dangerous for pedestrians after dark. Daytime accidents have also increased by 16%. Studies have also revealed that most accidents occur on city roads instead of major highways.

Dangerous driving habits like speeding and driving under the influence can greatly increase your risk of getting in a car accident. However, they also increase the risk of hitting a pedestrian–and when a car hits someone walking on foot, the pedestrian usually suffers from the most severe injuries. In fact, studies have shown that drunk driving caused nearly half of all pedestrian fatalities in 2018.

The type of vehicle that you’re driving can also pose a threat. Both SUVs and regular vehicles can be deadly, but SUVs are twice as likely to cause a fatality. Pedestrian accidents can also result in serious injuries and permanent disability. If you’ve suffered from a pedestrian accident, don’t hesitate to call a personal injury attorney.

What are the options for pedestrians struck by vehicles?

The laws of the road apply to everyone, whether you’re driving a car or walking on foot. Being struck by a vehicle could change your entire life in a matter of seconds. The driver of the vehicle might have been drinking and driving, scrolling through their phone or simply not paying attention to the road. An attorney could help you hold them accountable.