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Should you allow the cops to search your vehicle?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Criminal Defense

If you get pulled over by a police officer in Florida, they might ask if they can search your vehicle. The police can’t search your vehicle without a valid reason, but they don’t necessarily need your permission to do so. When you’re in this situation, you might find yourself wondering if you should let the police search your vehicle.

Should you consent to a search of your vehicle?

Ultimately, it depends on the situation. According to the law, the police can search your vehicle without your consent if they have a warrant or probable cause. They can also search your vehicle if they believe that you’re hiding a weapon that you might use to harm the officer.

You can decline to give your consent, but if the officer has probable cause, they might search your vehicle anyway. This might be used against you later in court. However, if the officer searches your vehicle without having a warrant or probable cause, that might be considered an unlawful search. Your criminal law attorney might be able to get the evidence that they found in your vehicle thrown out in court.

However, if your car was towed and impounded, the police doesn’t need a warrant or probable cause to search your vehicle. They can search everything, even locked boxes inside the vehicle. Even if your car was impounded for a minor offense, you could receive more criminal charges if the police find evidence of a serious crime.

Some states have different laws regarding whether the police can search your vehicle without a warrant. In some states, declining to give consent might help you protect yourself and your case. It’s important to educate yourself about your state’s traffic laws so you know the best way to proceed if you ever get pulled over by a police officer.

How can you protect yourself in court?

Everyone has rights, no matter what crimes they’re being charged with. An attorney could represent you if you’re being charged with a traffic crime. They might argue that evidence should be dismissed if the police conducted an illegal search of your vehicle.