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Driver responsibility for distractions in their vehicle

Texting while is driving is a common cause of accidents in Florida, but there are other distractions that can occur while a vehicle is in motion as well. Many fatalities have occurred in collisions when drivers were on the phone or paying attention to passengers in the back seat.

Loud music can also be a distraction in certain instances, especially when the driver is relying on sound as a method of monitoring opposing traffic. While eating is not banned while driving, it is assuredly not a good driving practice. Consuming beverages could distract a driver but not so much as doing anything that requires the use of two hands.

Ways of reducing distracted driving

While it is difficult to totally stop doing other activities while driving, there are a few ways to address the problem. Many vehicle manufacturers have installed hands-free communication devices in in vehicles to help reduce car accident numbers, but the truth is that studies have shown the hands-free devices are distractions as well. Eliminating any additional video devices in the car can be an effective step too. Just as making sure seat belts are fastened, the driver is ultimately responsible for what occurs inside the vehicle while it is moving.

Distracted driving causes car accidents

All personal injury attorneys in Florida advise that eliminating distractions while driving is not just good common sense, but it helps significantly in reducing the number of accidents on Florida highways. Auto accident cases in the state can be complicated because of the no-fault law, but fault can still come into play in serious accidents when injured victims need further compensation. Evidence of driver distraction can be used in determining fault.