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What to expect after an auto accidents from insurance providers

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Car Accidents

Dealing with an auto accident in Florida can be stressful enough with the possible physical recovery and loss of work. However, victims often have to deal with insurance companies and go through a lengthy process on top of everything else. Some insurance providers will try to take advantage of these situations when a person is the most vulnerable.

Insurance often provides the most compensation

Someone who caused an accident with injuries to other drivers could be found responsible for damages. However, the driver’s insurance provider usually pays for the damages in most cases.

For example, if a truck driver causes an accident, their insurance will likely pay for medical care. The injured person can make a claim against the truck driver’s insurance company. This agency may accept the claim, make an offer or deny the claim.

If the claim gets denied, the plaintiff could seek legal assistance to bring a case against the truck driver. The truck driver’s insurance commonly has a contractual obligation to defend its clients in court.

Dealing with multiple insurance companies

An injured person should expect to deal with several providers. In addition, the insured has to follow the policy when making a claim before the agency pays. For example, they might be required to report any accidents no matter how minor or who is at fault to the company.

The injured party should file as soon as possible, but they also may get benefits from their own insurance. Insurance providers look to make profits, so they aim to make more money through premiums. The injured party could be contacted by the insurer soon after the accident. Sometimes, they offer a settlement to avoid court, but the offers tend to be lowball.

An injured party should get fairly compensated after being hurt in a motor vehicle accident. If you feel the insurance provider is not being fair, consider partnering with a personal injury attorney.