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Know what to do following an auto collision

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Blog, Car Accidents

While driving in Florida, even a low-speed impact can result in head or neck injuries that take years to recover. However, many accidents result in passengers still being mobile following the collision, and it is important for those individuals to understand what steps to take while at the scene when involved in an accident.

Step 1. Check for injuries

One of the first concerns after a collision is whether anyone is hurt and to what extent. Those who are seriously injured will need immediate medical attention from medical professionals. It is okay to help those who are still mobile to some degree, but some passengers with a personal injury will be immobilized and cannot be removed from the vehicle. Trying to stay as calm as possible is essential.

Step 2. Contact authorities

The next step is to call 911 as soon as possible if anyone is hurt or if the accident scene presents dangers to the local surroundings. Fires can easily erupt from a punctured gas tank or gasoline that spills on the highway. If no one is injured, it is often acceptable to exchange insurance information and depart unless any motorist is not insured. Insurance is a legal requirement in Florida, which also uses no-fault insurance law.

Step 3. Document the scene

After the first two steps are complete, it is important to document the accident with photographs. Always remember that the pictures are private property. The police will take their own official photos, but personal photos are often good evidence when insurance companies are looking at claims.

Call a lawyer

It is not recommended to attempt handling a car accident claim personally. The compensation laws in Florida can be complicated, and insurance claims agents know how to use them for their company’s benefit. An experienced personal injury lawyer may be able to help you understand how to maximize your claim for financial compensation.