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The nature of a crash-related femur fracture

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Car Accidents

Florida residents who were in a car accident may have fractured their femur. Car crashes are, in fact, the leading cause of femur fractures, according to a report from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. These crashes must necessarily be high-impact ones because it takes a lot of force to break this bone. There are three sections to the bone:
• Femoral head and neck
• Femoral shaft
• Distal end

The first is near the hip joint while the third is near the knee joint. The shaft is simply the midsection. Those who fracture the femoral neck are usually elderly people who fall. Falls are actually the second most common cause of femur fractures. It should be remembered that motor vehicle occupants run a lower risk for these fractures than do motorcyclists and pedestrians.

The severity of a femur fracture

Most crash-related femur fractures are complete fractures and may require surgery where doctors insert a metal rod and metal screws into the femur to reattach the pieces and straighten it. The side effects of a fracture can sometimes be life-threatening. For instance, victims may lose an alarming amount of blood or develop a blood clot.

After surgery, victims will likely need to go through physical therapy and rehabilitative care. Oral antibiotics, at least for victims whose femur protruded from their skin, and pain medications would be necessary, too.

Filing an auto accident claim

If you fractured your femur, chances are that your insurance company cannot cover your losses. This is when it becomes lawful to pursue a personal injury case in this state. You may want a lawyer to help you navigate the process, though, because auto insurance companies can be aggressive in forcing victims to accept an unreasonably low amount of compensation. The lawyer may hire investigators as well to gather evidence against the defendant.