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Motorists should know when they're too tired to drive safely

When a person gets behind the wheel, that individual is responsible for knowing if there is a reason why he or she should not drive. Perhaps it's because there was the consumption of alcohol at dinner or the driver is on medication that could affect reaction time and cognition. In some cases, it may be because that person is too tired to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Most people are tired from time to time when they drive. However, there is a distinct difference between being a little sleepy on the morning commute and feeling dangerously fatigued. If a driver is struggling with fatigue, it can lead to a higher chance of car accidents. This is why it is important for every person to recognize when he or she should not be operating a motor vehicle.

Who is more susceptible to drowsy driving?

Anyone can be dangerously fatigued behind the wheel; however, there are certain people who may be more prone to this. If a person is one of the following, he or she should be aware of the times that it may not be safe to get behind the wheel:

  • People who have certain types of sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea
  • Shift workers or anyone who works long hours
  • Commercial drivers who are on the road for long periods of time
  • People who take certain medications that may make them sleepy

Drowsy driving is dangerous, and there is evidence that drivers who are excessively tired may exhibit some of the same behaviors as drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some of these behaviors include swerving, drifting from lane to lane, driving at erratic speeds and more.

If a driver has trouble remembering the last few miles driven, needs to blink frequently or drifts into the next lane, he or she should pull over and refrain from driving. Any of these actions and others can increase the chance of an accident and cause other Florida drivers harm

Victims of fatigued driving

If a person is the victim of fatigued driving, he or she has the right to pursue rightful damages through a personal injury claim. Like drunk or drugged driving, fatigued driving is negligent and reckless. You do not have to suffer the irresponsible choices of another person alone, but you can take steps to secure the recovery you deserve.

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