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Eating while driving may be as dangerous as texting and driving

When a person is behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is important for him or her to stay completely focused on the road. Doing anything that takes the focus off the task at hand can greatly increase the chance of a car accident. Distracted driving is often the result of a person using a phone while driving, but it can also happen when a person is doing other things, such as eating.

Safe winter driving in the Florida area

While snow is not something that many Florida residents have to deal with, winter can still make the roads icy and slick. This means that tires lose their traction, and cars have a greater risk of spinning out of control or sliding into the rear of other cars. To keep themselves out of a car crash this winter, residents can consider the following tips.

5 common driving mistakes that can easily cause accidents

Many Florida residents believe that inexperience leads to car accidents. It is certainly true that new drivers may be more likely to cause or be involved in crashes because they are not as seasoned as individuals who have been driving for years. However, it is important to remember that even experienced drivers succumb to serious driving mistakes.

Investigation uncovers wildly inaccurate breath test results

Virtually all police departments in Florida and around the country use breath-testing equipment to determine whether drivers are operating motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol. These devices are highly sophisticated and accurate when they are properly maintained and regularly recalibrated, but the results of an investigation published by the New York Times on Nov. 3 suggest that many law enforcement agencies are extremely lax in this area.

Overall traffic deaths decreased in 2018, pedestrian deaths up

Florida readers might be interested to learn that, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, figures, approximately 36,500 people were killed in traffic accidents across the United States in 2018. While that number represents a 2% decrease in fatalities compared to 2017, the good news is mitigated by significant increases in traffic-related pedestrian and cyclist deaths.

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