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Head-on collision in Orange County nets fatal results

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Car Accidents

The term “car accidents” is apt given that while people in Naples may indeed be at fault in such instances, there typically is no element of intent to have caused a collision. Yet the fact that a person did not mean to cause an accident so not necessarily exclude them from liability for the incident (particularly in cases where negligence or recklessness might have contributed to an accident). In such a scenario, it might reasonably be argued that had one not demonstrated such careless, the accident never would have occurred in the first place. 

Oftentimes, negligence is not blatant, but rather the byproduct of one who simply may not comprehend the consequences of their actions. One might assume that the driver that caused a recent accident in Orange County certainly had no intention of causing the violent collision that ended up claiming their life. According to reports, they were trying to pass another vehicle while traveling eastbound on a local road (despite the fact that they were traveling through a no-pass zone). While trying to pass, their vehicle slammed into a truck that was traveling westbound, causing extensive damage to both vehicles. As was mentioned previously, the driver trying to pass was killed, while the occupants of the truck were taken to a local hospital for treatment for injuries sustained in the collision. 

It is often in dealing with such injuries that accident victims find that they need added financial compensation. Even in cases such as this (where the party responsible for an accident was killed in it), such assistance may be available from their estates. Those needing to secure such compensation may want to enlist an experienced attorney in helping them do so.